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Water Management and Drainage System

About Our Client

Our client is an engineering firm of great repute based in North America, which specializes in integrated solutions in engineering & construction from consulting, planning, design, and construction management. It has been offering comprehensive and multi-disciplinary engineering services for projects worldwide and was one of the pioneers of this approach in the United States.

Business Challenges

The scope of the project entails the development of Conceptual & Detailed Design of a Water Management & Drainage System.

This entailed a need to create an effective water management & drainage system, considering hydrology, and hydraulic calculations, which also involves the extensive use of Network Analysis & 3D Modelling of Pipe Network, Substructure, Infiltration Trench/ Soak away, Open Drain Channel, Detention & Retention Pond, Swale & Culverts. The client wanted the solution provider to have the requisite tools and experience for precise modelling and simulation of the drainage system components, which helps to optimize their design and functionality.

Results Delivered

The team’s exceptional domain expertise played a pivotal role in delivering a speedy turnaround of the Water Management System Design, Drainage Design Report, Network Model, and Technical Specifications. This enabled the client to leverage cost savings while receiving high-quality, complex design services. The comprehensive approach to designing and modeling the drainage system proved TAAL Tech’s solution to be effective in managing water flow and mitigating the risks of flooding or other related issues.

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