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Designing smarter vehicles for tomorrow

At TAAL Tech, we specialize in the design and development of vehicles for Automotive, Rail, and Trailers & Trucks. The mobility industry is witnessing a massive digital transformation, requiring companies to move from traditional stand-alone systems to more integrated solutions. This is where TAAL Tech comes in and has successfully positioned itself as a trusted partner for clients for designing vehicles in the rail, automotive and truck & trailer industries. Our engineering teams have domain and system specialists who integrate a suite of competencies and cutting-edge technologies in the design, operation, maintenance, validation, and aftermarket phases to help build smarter vehicles.


TAAL Tech has been closely associated with the automotive industry, and we have worked with clients right from the early adoption stage of the newest technologies. Our automotive engineering teams are experienced in the design and development of embedded systems, including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Connected Vehicles (V2X, V2V), EV Charging, Multimedia Subsystems, HMI Design, ECU Software Development and Data Analytics as well as to functional safety systems (for instance, IS026262-compliant automotive systems with adaptive AUTOSAR).

We are also working with customers in deploying emerging technologies, such as AUTOSAR, MBD & Auto-Code Generation, Telematics, and Integrated Cockpit. Our engineering teams can help you optimize consumer experience through providing automotive services and implementing smart solutions in body electronics, driver assistance, vehicle diagnostics, security, and safety systems.

Service Areas:

BIW Design & Development | Chassis Design | Styling | Electrical Systems | Interiors | Lighting Systems | Exhaust System | Seating System | Exteriors | In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) | Vehicle Packing


Backed by several years of experience in the rail industry, TAAL Tech can contribute, innovate, and improve operations across various domains in this space. From developing rolling stocks for high-speed trains and LRVs to rail infrastructure-related support and implementing advanced signaling systems, we can help you with every aspect of rail engineering design services.

With our rail engineering design service offerings, you can develop improved control systems which, in turn, will ensure better and safer rail traffic movement, enhanced scheduling, better data acquisition, analysis and predictive maintenance.

Service Areas:

Rolling Stock Design & Development | Stress Analysis | Schematics & Harness Design | SER equipment design | RAMS & Systems Engineering | Tech Publication | Infrastructure

Trailers & Trucks

TAAL Tech has extensive experience in the design and development of trucks and trailers. Having worked closely with multiple leading manufacturers in this field and with virtually every type of product line, we have a thorough understanding of customer requirements, industry demands, field issues, and design criteria. Safe to say, we are a single-point engineering interface for the design, development, modification, and lifecycle management of all types of trucks and trailers.

Our specialist teams for trailer and truck design and engineering can help you right from ideation, design, analysis, and calculations to manufacturing, telematics, and field support.

Service Areas:

NPD of Trailer & Truck Bodies | Design & Development | Sustenance Support | Static Analysis | Dynamic Analysis | Meshing | Air certification | Manufacturing Support | Telematics | Tech Publication & Marketing Collateral


Why TAAL Tech?


Transparent, agile, flexible and well-aligned engagement approach

Commitment & Trust

Nurturing engineering partnerships for
15+ years

Proven Reputation

Dependable and reliable – delivering success on time, every time

Quality Focus

Well-established processes and frameworks to ensure 100% compliance

Skilled Professionals

High focus on talent acquisition, management and development


Innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies

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