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Introducing the right skills to deliver excellence

TAAL Tech Infusion Support is committed to help you meet your project’s skill-specific talent requirements. With our Talent as a Service offering, you can find a dedicated engineering expert to be an extended part of your project team and bridge the skill gap. Else, our Center of Expertise (CoE) model can be an ideal alternative if you wish to integrate a comprehensive team of specialists aligned with your vision and executing specific engineering functions until successful project completion.

Propel your organization’s growth and business prowess and enjoy a competitive advantage with our exclusive talent pool comprising engineering experts, tech enthusiasts, and domain practitioners. Connect with us to know more about the engagement models and go for the one that fits your requirements and vision best.

Talent as a Service

With TAAL Tech, you can choose the most appropriate talent for each project. Get access to on-demand, highly skilled consultants and design engineers based on your project requirement. From piping engineers and BIM modelers to product development consultants and tech pub experts, you will find every talent relevant to all phases of an engineering design project.

Make the most of TAAL Tech’s Talent as a Service to enjoy flexibility, expertise, and improved work and time efficiency. Rely on us while we do the required work, and you can focus on the more demanding core areas of your business without any hassle.

Center of Expertise (CoE)

We can develop a dedicated Center of Expertise (CoE) consisting of technical or domain experts. The CoE can work in concert with all your business units, helmed by empowered specialists with accountability and ownership, functioning in alignment with clearly defined objectives. Our CoE engagement model is an ideal strategic fit for your long-term project and innovation plans, where you can leverage the expertise of the team to the fullest during the agreed tenure.

Our offshore CoE allows customers access to a global pool of knowledge and talent. Working collaboratively with our customers, we take design ownership of complex components, sub-systems as well as entire systems. TAAL Tech CoE ensures that the highest standards are maintained with the vision to continue to serve organizations better.

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