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360° engineering services for aerospace and defense projects

TAAL Tech has nearly 2 decades of experience in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) sector. We offer aerospace and defense engineering solutions that span the entire spectrum of requirements including product development, manufacturing engineering, product lifecycle management, aftermarket services, supply chain management, and digital transformation. We help our customers by delivering sustainable solutions inspired by aerospace and defense industry trends, enabling them to become future-ready without losing sight of today’s requirements.


Collaborative design tools, advanced composites, additive manufacturing techniques, high speed machining, automated assembly and numerous other advancements have completely transformed the way aircrafts are designed and built.

TAAL Tech specializes in the design, verification and validation of primary and secondary aircraft structures. We have worked with metal as well as composite designs and are familiar with the relevant FAA and EASA certification requirements. Apart from being able to provide design support, we have what it takes to infuse fresh insights into the design process.

Service Areas:

Structural Design | Mechanical Design | Structural Stress Analysis | Electrical Harness | Non-conformance Management

Aero Engines

Driven by the ever-changing industry expectations, aero engines have steadily evolved to become more fuel efficient, quieter, and reliable. These improvements have been made possible by advances in combustion technology, manufacturing techniques, development of new materials and predictive maintenance modeling.

TAAL Tech has been working with several aerospace and defense companies, particularly aero engine manufacturers, and their vendors across the design and operating lifecycle of the engine, right from concept design to engine maintenance. Whether you wish to outsource component or system level design, look at ways for reducing manufacturing costs, or make your support services more effective, we will help find a solution customized for you.

Service Areas:

Engineering Analysis | Engineering Process Management | Supply Chain Management | Design-led Manufacturing | Engine Testing & Analysis Support

Aero Interiors

Having worked with leading OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and Completion Centers for nearly two decades, TAAL Tech now serves as a one-stop-shop for aero interior design services. Our expertise covers the design, analysis and certification of cabin monuments, seating products, crew rest compartments, lavatories, lighting solutions as well as other systems.

We have an excellent understanding of not only the certification standards (FAA and EASA) governing aircraft and aircraft sub-systems design but also of customer expectations, particularly, from a quality and design perspective. We are familiar with all the engineering tools that are used and are acutely conscious of the key design drivers in the aerospace and defense industry – be it cost, weight reduction, aesthetics, or ease of maintenance.

Service Areas:

Monument Design | Monument Stress Analysis | Completions Certificate | Tool Design | Design Automation


At TAAL Tech, we have extensive experience working with select customers in commercial as well as defense avionics. We provide support ranging from fundamental systems engineering to product design and development, prototyping, testing and qualification (including test equipment design and independent verification).

The key advantage that we offer is the ability to understand your requirements quickly and accurately and translate them into effective designs. With PCB and FPGA design capabilities under one roof, we are a one-stop-shop for the design, development and certification of LRUs. In addition, we also offer our clients problem-solving assistance through our industry experts in key areas.

Service Areas:

Power Systems | Communication Systems | Navigation Systems | Flight Control Systems | Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems


TAAL Tech and its sister company Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd., have worked with the Indian defense sector for several years now. We have not only gained in-depth knowledge of certain core aerospace and defense technology trends but also of industry demands such as ITAR compliance, certifications, and approvals. The two companies have worked jointly on multiple aircraft projects for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy, such as Life Extension Programs, Avionics Modifications, Structural Modifications, and Weaponization.

If you are looking for a reputed and established partner to associate with in penetrating the Indian defense sector, consider us.

Service Areas:

Manned and Unmanned Aircraft | Advanced Electronics | Tool Design | Avionics


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