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Making engineering transformations feasible

An integrated engineering landscape consists of multiple sub-systems and units that run in unison to deliver desired outcomes. In an environment where organizations are in a continuous endeavor to bring newer products to the market, faster and more cost-effectively – it often becomes impossible to drive efficiency, optimization, and innovation across the ecosystem.

At TAAL Tech, we have developed a range of Smart Services, focused on the critical aspects of an integrated system. Our targeted services, help you to streamline and overcome all operational disruption, by addressing challenges pertaining to engineering, assets, technology, testing, and aftermarket support areas. Our aim is to take care of the run-ops while you focus on strategic decision-making.

Asset Management

TAAL Tech’s integrated asset management services and solutions span the entire asset life cycle of a project from deployment, operations, maintenance, and upgrades, right through to disposal and retirement.

With our need-based asset management approach, you can be sure of increased productivity, reduced operational expenditure and maintenance costs, improved safety, and more stringent environmental compliance.

Service Areas:

Asset Life Cycle Cost Modelling | Asset Tracking and Health Monitoring | Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) | Reliability Engineering

Digital Twin

Digital Twin technology is a fully functional digital representation of a physical system, be it a machine or a complete plant. To provide such a representation, the Digital Twin is connected to the physical system through sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). TAAL Tech has hands-on experience in working through different phases of the Digital Twin model creation process across domains. We have successfully assisted companies regarding Digital Twin solutions across the world in ensuring increased operational efficiencies, cost control, remote monitoring, remote operations, predictive maintenance, and much more.

Service Areas:

Simple Static Digital Twin | Dynamic Digital Twin | Intelligent Digital Twin | AR/VR-Aided Digital Twin

Testing as a Service

Testing services at appropriate stages of a transformative engineering project can protect you from costly errors besides offering valuable insights on technical, functional, and quality standards.

TAAL Tech’s engineers are thoroughly experienced and certified to implement diverse testing methodologies that can help with new product development, testing a product concept or prototype, validating a product’s end use, and improving existing products. Our testing as a service horizontal further helps your product meet all regulatory compliances and applicable government standards.

Service Areas:

Functional Testing | Reliability Testing | Design Testing | Prototype Testing  Regression Testing | Performance Testing | Security Testing | Manufacturing Testing | Compatibility Testing | Usability Testing | Automation Testing | Stress Testing | Quality Assurance Testing


Customized aftermarket services can provide valuable insights to fuel improved product development and R&D. Organizations often face difficulties in conducting aftermarket surveys and research, mainly due to the operational complexity and challenges in identifying end-user aftermarket needs.

TAAL Tech’s Aftermarket practice provides end-to-end support for all your products. From data management and analysis right through to documentation and repair engineering, we can help you with various pin-point aftermarket solutions.

Service Areas:

Repair Engineering | Reliability Engineering | Product Support Engineering | Data Analytics & Predictive Maintenance | Product Improvement Initiatives | Remote Monitoring & Management Service | E-learning Services | Technical Authoring Services | Technical Translation Services | Technical Illustration Services

Tech Publication

Ensuring ease of product operability for the users is as crucial as developing the product itself. This requires implementing a gamut of digital tools and competencies to develop instructional end-user documents supported by diverse formats.

At TAAL Tech, our dedicated tech publication team has successfully collaborated with multiple clients across the globe to develop content for O&M manuals, brochures, flyers, tutorials, visual and user manuals as well as animations. Our specialists are skilled in technical writing, illustrations, and graphic designing besides possessing a deep understanding of tools, such as Adobe FrameMaker, 3DS MAX + V-ray, and SolidWorks to name a few.

Service Areas:

O&M Manuals | Animations | Rendering | MSDS Documents | Brochures & Flyers | Workshop Manuals

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