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Development of Mobile Application for a Building Product Manufacturer

About Our Client

Our client manufactures products in the field of building services for lighting application, industrial components, and heating technology at several European locations. The company is best known for its voltage testers, outdoor lanterns with motion detectors, hot glue guns and hot air blowers. They have registered more than 300 patents, designs, and models for our inventions. These have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionized entire segments.

Business Challenges

The requirement of our client was a mobile application that can run flawlessly in both Android and iOS platforms, for one of their products. The product is a lighting solution responsible for controlling the light bulbs across an entire building. The need of the hour was to develop a mobile application interface with controls to operate this lighting solution. There was also the need to display different charts and graphs of usage of light bulbs across various rooms and floors of the building, based on time of the day. For example, the light bulbs can be switched off or it’s intensity dimmed during the daytime when there is sunlight available to brighten up the room, or when there is no one present in the room.

One of the main challenges for this project was that the mobile application developers needed good experience in working with IoT and embedded systems. Knowing how the motion sensors work, and fantastic connectivity of the light bulb controller to the mobile application was crucial. For this, we had to build a development team that have excellent knowledge of how IoT products work.

Results Delivered

TAAL Tech Development Team was able to develop the application working identically in both iOS and Android platforms, and users of the product were able to not only control the light system of an entire building through a mobile application, but also access a lot of analytics and statistics to make informed decisions on how to conserve the energy consumption of the buildings.

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