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Development of CRM Portal for an Engineering Design Firm

About Our Client

Our client is a prominent engineering and design service provider in India, with over 700 employees of varying experience range and skills working across different industries like Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Civil, Embedded Systems, etc. With over 6 offices in different geographical locations across the globe, our client is expanding their teams exponentially and penetrating new markets and product areas.

Business Challenges

Every organization needs a central CRM system to operate the organization ERPs efficiently. Our client expressed the need for a single web application which can have different modules like Timesheet and Invoicing data, HR processes like appraisals, onboarding, etc. employee lifecycle management processes like leave management, travel management, etc. sales management, etc.

The client already had old and separate ERP systems in place developed over last few hours. However, some of these systems are not able to integrate with each other causing multiple challenges. For example, every employee needed to remember multiple user logins for separate ERP systems, no synchronization between these systems, which caused them to have to enter same data multiple times, causing an unnecessary wastage of time. Most of the ERP systems were built on older technology and without scope of enhancing them.

Results Delivered

TAAL Tech Development Team was able to develop all the requested modules, with proper access management based on different user profiles. The system is now used by all employees within the company for their daily organizational activities, and they must remember only one password that is also synced with their Active Directory. The application was secured with 2 step Microsoft OAuth authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

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