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Development of a Room Controller for a Building Product Manufacturer

About Our Client

Customer produces products in the field of building services for lighting application, industrial components, and heating technology at European locations. The company is best known for its voltage testers, outdoor lanterns with motion detectors, hot glue guns and hot air blowers.

Company has registered more than 300 patents, designs, and models for our inventions. These have resulted in over 2500 products belonging to the best of their kind. Some have even revolutionized entire segments.

Business Challenges

The project scope is to design and develop a Room Controller product for customer to incorporate lighting control requirements of various areas of a building. Each area would have specific lighting needs based on,

▪ Availability of natural light
▪ Occupancy of the space
▪ Govt. norms/ Code requirements
▪ Preference of the end user

Device should be made flexible by making it configurable to adapt all the specific requirements of various areas. It shall have to three zones, with each separately configurable to adapt to various areas of the building. Each relay can take 20A load. There shall also be 0-10V outputs for dimming control per each zone.
More zones can be added based on the requirement by adding addressable relays/fixtures on DALI bus.

Results Delivered

The project underwent a requirement phase, firmware design and coding, hardware design, PCB layout design, pre compliance testing- CE,FCC,UL, mechanical design, mobile app development to ensure that all components were integrated and working optimally. This integration of all components was critical to the overall success of the project as it ensured that the final product was reliable and met all customer requirements.

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