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AUX Galley Structural Substantiation

About Our Client

Our client is a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of business jets with a strong global presence and specializes in creating and delivering the most advanced and innovative business mobility solutions in the market today. The client’s expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of the business jet industry, from conceptualization and design to development, production, marketing, and after-sales support.

Business Challenges

Our engagement encompassed a comprehensive static stress analysis of Auxiliary Galley systems across the product portfolio, utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) files, while factoring in various loading conditions including emergency landing scenarios. The program further entailed a meticulous evaluation of the fastener and material properties to comply with stringent industry-specific standards. Multiple tasks of creating an accurate element idealization and ensuring a swift turnaround time posed a significant challenge throughout the project.

Results Delivered

TAAL Tech’s exceptional ability to deliver prompt and efficient results can be attributed to our team’s extensive experience in conducting stress analyses for contemporary systems utilized by our multiple Aerospace & Aviation clients. With TAAL Tech’s deep understanding of FAA requirements, our team ensured that the design met all pertinent certification requirements, consequently streamlining the approval process. As a result, the project was executed with remarkable agility, minimizing any potential delays and maximizing customer satisfaction. TAAL Tech’s expertise and proficiency in stress analysis proved to be invaluable assets, facilitating the successful completion of the project within an impressive timeframe.

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