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TAAL Tech is a global engineering services provider with roots in the aviation industry. We offer engineering solutions that span the entire spectrum of aerospace requirements including product development, manufacturing engineering, product lifecycle management, aftermarket services, supply chain management and digital transformation.

With proven expertise in Mechanical Engineering, Electronics/ Embedded Systems and Product Engineering, we help our customers drive down costs, reduce time to market for products and manage peak resource requirements. Even more importantly, we help them re-evaluate their business processes, make them more efficient and transition them to ‘Digital’.

Our offshore Centre of Excellence allow our customers access to a global pool of knowledge and talent. Working collaboratively with our customers, we take design ownership of complex components, sub-systems as well as entire systems.


The growth of low cost airlines have brought to bear enormous pressures on aircraft acquisition costs, operating efficiencies and reliability. Aircraft need to be cheaper, lighter, more fuel efficient, safer and quieter all at the same time.

In turn, these demands have forced advancements in design tools, materials and manufacturing technologies. Collaborative design tools, advanced composites, additive manufacturing techniques, high speed machining, automated assembly and numerous other advancements have totally transformed the way aircraft are designed and built.

Why TAAL Tech

With extensive expertise spanning design, manufacturing engineering, manufacturing automation and lifecycle management, we help our global customers keep pace with the rapidly evolving demands of the industry.

TAAL Tech has hands-on experience in the design, verification and validation of secondary as well as various primary aircraft structures. Our teams have worked with metal as well as composite designs and are familiar with the relevant FAA and EASA certification requirements. Apart from being able to provide design support our teams have the knowledge and ability to inject fresh insights into the design process.

Our services:

  • Structural design
  • Mechanical design
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Structural stress analysis
  • Electrical harness
  • Tool design
  • Type certification
  • Non-conformance management
  • Technical publication
  • Design automation

Aero Engines

Driven by ever increasing industry expectations Aero Engines have been steadily evolving to become more fuel efficient, quieter and more reliable. These improvements have been made possible by advances in combustion technology, manufacturing techniques, development of new materials and predictive maintenance modeling.

Why TAAL Tech

TAAL Tech has worked with Aero Engine manufacturers and their vendors across the design and operating lifecycle of the engine right from concept design to engine maintenance. For many of these areas we have subject matter experts who can solve problems and tackle complex issues.

With more than two decades of experience in Aerospace Engineering we know how to maximize value addition. Whether you wish to outsource component or system level design design, look at ways for reducing manufacturing costs, or make your support services more effective, we will help find a solution.

Our services:

  • Product definition and design
  • Engineering analysis
  • Design led manufacturing
  • Design & drafting
  • Technical publications
  • Engine testing & analysis support
  • Engineering process management
  • Supply chain management
  • Aftermarket support
  • Software solutions

Aero Interiors

Much like other aspects of an aircraft, the cabin and associated interiors are constantly undergoing improvements with an eye to reducing weight, improving space utilization, safety and, of course, aesthetics. In addition, there is now a growing focus on In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) and communications.

Having worked with leading OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and Completion Centers, TAAL Tech has gained vast knowledge and expertise in this field so much so that we are now a onestop shop for interior design services.

Our expertise covers the design, analysis and certification of cabin monuments, seating products, crew rest compartments, lavatories, lighting solutions as well as other systems.

Why TAAL Tech

We have an excellent understanding not only of the certification standards (FAA and EASA) governing aircraft and aircraft sub-systems design but also of customer expectations, particularly, from a quality and design perspective. We are familiar with all the engineering tools that are used and are acutely conscious of the key design drivers in this industry – be they cost, weight reduction, aesthetics, or ease of maintenance. And we know how to stick to project timelines.

While we are certified to EN 9100:2018 and ISO 27001 standards, our goal is to exceed these and establish an Engineering Center of Excellence that is worthy of international benchmarking.

Our services:

  • Monument design
  • Monument stress analysis
  • Completions certification
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical harness
  • Technical publication
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Tool design
  • Design automation


At TAAL Tech we have extensive experience working with select customers in commercial as well as defense Avionics, an area where we have developed deep expertise. We provide support ranging from fundamental systems engineering to product design and development, prototyping, testing and qualification (including test equipment design and independent verification).

We work to FAA and EASA standards, including RTCA DO-254 for electronic hardware, RTCA DO-178C for embedded software, RTCA DO-160G for commercial aviation and MILSTD-81 OF for defense systems. In addition we have experience in certifying products to all Design Assurance Levels (A to E).

Why TAAL Tech

The key advantage that we offer is the ability to understand your requirements quickly and accurately and translate them into effective designs. With PCB and FPGA design capabilities under one roof, we are a one stop shop for the design, development and certification of LRUs.

In addition to the above we also offer our clients problem solving assistance through our subject matter experts in key areas such as RF, Tool qualification etc.

Our services:

  • Power systems
  • Communication systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Flight control systems
  • Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) systems

Aftermarket SUPPORT

Digitalization – more specifically, the ability it provides for OEM’s and MRO service providers to not only take ownership of operational reliability but to monetize it which is driving rapid change in the Aftermarket industry.

Our engineers work with OEMs and MRO service providers to bolster service revenues and profitability using data driven digital techniques. TAAL Tech has significant aftermarket expertise in engines, systems and aerostructures. We also have extensive experience in using health monitoring data to build and fine tune predictive maintenance models.

With the delivery of every aircraft customers are looking for bundle a set of value-added services – be it advanced touchscreen systems, LED cabin lighting, lay-flat seats, buffering free IFE or virtual windows.

In addition customers expect that aftermarket support (including issue resolution) will entail little or no human intervention and will always be delivered on time. Outs task is to help OEM’s cope with such demands in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Why TAAL Tech

We have the knowledge, ability and experience to help our customers put together a winning aftermarket product support strategy that uses the latest data driven digital technologies to deliver tangible value and thereby increase profitability.

Our services:

  • Digital solutions
  • Production engineering
  • Repair engineering

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