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Building Information Modeling (BIM) services have changed the landscape of project management for organizations responsible for overseeing construction projects. Project management organizations (PMOs) play a pivotal role in ensuring that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. TAAL Tech’s BIM services offer a robust suite of tools and methodologies that empower PMOs to enhance their project management processes, improve collaboration, and achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Central to TAAL Tech’s BIM services for PMOs is the utilization of specialized BIM software that enables the creation and management of detailed 3D models of construction projects. These digital models serve as a dynamic representation of the entire project, encompassing architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements, as well as project schedules, cost estimates, and more. The BIM model becomes a central repository for project data and documentation, offering a holistic view of the project.


BIM Modeling and Coordination

  • We can create accurate 3D models of buildings, infrastructure, and other facilities. It helps project managers visualize the project’s progress, identify potential clashes, and optimize construction plans. BIM modeling allows for early problem detection, reducing
    costly rework during construction.
  • Creating intelligent reports using Power BI.

Clash Detection and Resolution

  • Through BIM, potential conflicts, and clashes between various building systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) can be identified and resolved before construction begins. This reduces the risk of costly errors, delays, and change orders during the
  • Support for General contractors for clash coordination.

4D and 5D BIM

  • 4D BIM adds a time dimension to BIM models, enabling project managers to create construction schedules linked to the 3D models. 5D BIM incorporates cost data, allowing for cost estimation and tracking.
  • TAAL Tech can provide project managers with a comprehensive view of project timelines and budgets.


BIM for Facility Management

Post-construction, BIM models can be used for facility management, helping project management organizations maintain and operate the built environment efficiently. This includes space management, asset tracking, and maintenance scheduling.

As-Built BIM

For project handover, as-built BIM models document the actual construction and can be valuable for future renovations, retrofits, or facility management.




BIM Training and Support

We can provide training and ongoing support for project management teams to ensure they fully leverage BIM technology for their projects.






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Coordinated 3D Model

3D Model

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Facility Management

Facility Management

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