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Building Information Modeling (BIM) services play a crucial role in enhancing the management and decision-making processes for owners of construction projects. Owners, whether they are individuals, organizations, or institutions, benefit from TAAL Tech’s BIM services in various ways to optimize the design, construction, and operation of their assets. Our BIM services provide owners with valuable tools and information to maximize the value, efficiency, and sustainability of their investments.

At the heart of BIM services for owners is the creation of a detailed digital model of the construction project. This 3D model encompasses all relevant information, including architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing details, as well as critical project data such as cost estimates, schedules, and maintenance information. The model serves as a central repository for project data, making it easily accessible to owners throughout the project’s lifecycle. One of the key advantages of BIM services for owners is improved decision-making. By having access to a comprehensive digital model of the project, owners can visualize the entire scope of the construction, which allows them to make informed choices about design alternatives, materials, and systems that align with their goals and objectives. Owners can use BIM to assess the environmental impact of their projects, explore energy-efficient design options, and evaluate the long-term operational and maintenance implications, all of which contribute to making sound investment decisions.


Facility Data Management

  • Cobie data integration.
  • Centralize building data for easy access and management.
  • Streamline maintenance and operations.

Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Track the condition and performance of building components.
  • Optimize maintenance and renovation decisions.


Space Utilization and Optimization

  • Analyze space usage and optimize layouts.
  • Maximize the efficiency of your real estate assets.



Digital Twin

  • Scan to BIM conversion.
  • Asset integration.
  • 6D BIM.






Energy and Sustainability Analysis

  • Monitor energy usage and explore sustainability options with alternative design and
    systems such as support in decarbonization.
  • Reduce operational costs and environmental impact.



Renovation and Expansion Planning

  • Visualize renovation or expansion projects with BIM. (Existing to BIM conversion, Concept planning, What if analysis, etc.)
  • Help in planning in minimize disruption during construction.




Architectural Design Support on Franchise-based Businesses

  • Architectural design based on corporate guidelines.
  • Coordinating with corporate for approval process.
  • Incorporate owners’ requirements and optimization.
  • Create permit and construction sets.


BIM Services - Offerings for Owners

Exterior Rendering

Façade Design

Interior Rendering

Façade Design

Interior Design

Coordinated 3D Model

Scan to BIM Model

Laser Scan Input

Facility Management

Facility Management

Zone Planning

MEP Coordination

BIM Services - Offerings for Owners


BIM Services - Offerings for Owners

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