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Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is a fully functional digital representation of a physical system be it a machine or a complete plant. It is a mirror image of the physical system in the digital plane. The Digital Twin represents all the complexities, the mechanical and electrical parameters and the time-historical data in real time. In order to provide such a representation the Digital Twin is connected to the physical system through sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). Once the Digital Twin is up and connected it can be used to monitor, model, control and predict the behaviour of the physical system, thus opening up a whole gamut of possibilities for increasing efficiencies, cost control, remote monitoring, remote operations, predictive maintenance and much more. Through the use of Al/ML and and other enabling tools the data that is generated can be analysed and used to automate as well as optimize tasks. These digital systems can also be networked so that they talk and respond to other digital devices as well as to external parameters.

In short, Digital Twins can be used to automate, and optimize manufacturing processes across any industry; they can also be used to prevent issues before they occur, avoid downtime, and even simulate future circumstances and events.

The degree of digital representation, that is, the extent to which the twin represents the physical system and the extent to which they interact may vary depending on the needs of the client.

Why TAAL Tech

We have hands on experience across multiple domains and in working with clients through different phases of the Digital Twin creation process.We have hands on experience across multiple domains and in working with clients through different phases of the Digital Twin creation process.  Our experts have the knowledge to study and understand your requirements, consult with you, and customize a solution based on what you are looking for.  We bring years of Engineering Expertise to the table all of which enables us to understand your needs and translate into a framework that will address your long term requirements.

A Simple Static Digital Twin

A base level digital representation of a physical system can be achieved by streaming live sensor data (one way) from the physical entity and representing it in the form of 2D engineering diagrams on a mobile device such as a phone or a PC. This Digital Twin can be used to monitor the condition of the physical system using various reports, KPls, trend charts and alerts.

Dynamic Digital Twins

A Dynamic or Operational Digital Twin is connected to the physical entity through sensors and various 110T devices that allow two way or bi-directional communication. The data from the physical entity can be used to generate 3D CAD engineering models and reports. But most importantly the Digital Twin can be used to control or operate the physical entity. As a result, an Operational Digital twin opens up numeruous possibilities for flexible and remote operations, remote maintenence and cost optimisation.

    Intelligent Digital Twins

    An Intelligent Digital Twin combines the capability of an Operational Digital Twin with Al, ML, and Data Analytics. This combination opens up fresh possibilities for predictive maintenance and operational optimization based on changing input parameters. Various scenarios including breakdowns, and perfomance dips can be forecast and represented through dashboards and visualisation tools such as heats maps etc. The implementation of an Intelligent Digital Twin really brings together all the aspects of the digital revolution so as to be able to bring about a Digital Transformation in the business.

      AR/VR aided or Immersive Digital Twins

      An Immersive Twin utilizes AR/VR/MR technologies to go one step further and create a photorealistic and interactive environment to represent and connect with the physical system. While technically complex such an environment is highly intuitive and easy to use. Most importantly, such an envirronment can be used very effectively to train people in scenarios that could not otherwise have been created.

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