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Hauling freight

The Truck and Trailer is a well established, tried and tested combination unbeaten when it comes to transporting cargo, be it over short or long distances. Even so, this mode of transport, because of changing market demands as well as changes in enabling IT technology, is fast evolving.

The design and development of trucks and trailers has been a focus area at TAAL Tech for many years. Having worked closely with many of the leading manufacturers in this field and with virtually all types of product lines, we have a thorough understanding of customer requirements, industry demands, field issues, and design criteria. It would be fair to say that our expertise in this field covers the entire lifecycle and design envelope of the product.

We are a truly single-point engineering interface for the design, development, modification and lifecycle management of all manner of trucks and trailers – a one stop shop, if you will, for all your engineering needs. Our engineering teams can support you in ideation, design, analysis, calculations, manufacturing, telematics as well as in field support.

Design & Development

The Trailer/Truck manufacturing is a wide industry with many types of trailers for varied type of cargo transportation. Designing and developing new kind of trailers is a real challenge to manufacturers along with enhancing the legacy trailers, which requires high-end and advanced experience in this domain to pace with the futuristic design changes of trailers/truck. TAAL Tech with capabilities in developing all kind of trailers/truck bodies, has seasoned engineering team to support the Manufacturers in their designing and development of trailers/truck bodies.

Our services:

  • NPD of trailers & truck bodies
  • Design & development
  • Sustenance support
  • Reverse engineering services

Analysis & Validation

We provide a full spectrum of analysis and validation services for the truck and trailer industry. Given the heavy loads and high speeds that are involved a number of static and dynamic loads come into play while analyzing the safety of truck and trailer designs. At TAAL Tech we have an experienced team of high caliber engineers who can review and validate designs through careful analysis.

Our services:

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Stress calculations
  • Meshing
  • Air certification

Manufacturing Support

We support customers across various aspects of the manufacturing process including production process design, automation, fixture design, material selection. In addition, we also support customers with vendor selection and vendor management.

Our services:

  • Production/ fabrication support
  • Assembly support
  • ECR/ECN support

Telematics Solutions

Telematics as well as the application of IOT and Artificial Intelligence offer an ever increasing spectrum of solutions to the trucking industry. With expertise in sensor/device integration, wireless technologies and data analysis, we have the ability to tailor make solutions for our customers in the trucking and trailer industry. We offer services to manufacturers, logistics companies and fleet operators/owners.

Our services:

  • Tracking & locating systems
  • Fuel monitoring systems
  • Driver behavior monitoring system
  • Temperature & pressure management system
  • Door monitoring system
  • HVAC monitoring system

Technical Publication & Marketing COLLATERAL

With an in-depth understanding of truck and trailer design and of industry needs, we have gained the ability to support our customers both in the creation of Technical Documentation as well as Sales/Marketing collateral.

Whether it is through the use of traditional print media or e-mediums, we can help you create high quality data sheets, user manuals, parts catalogues, training materials, product animations, brochures, flyers, and renderings.

At TAAL Tech we have a dedicated team for these services providing support not only to truck and trailer manufacturers but also to fleet owners, dealers, and maintenance/service centre.

Our services:

  • Service / O & M / parts manuals
  • Animation & rendering
  • Marketing communications
  • Certifications & process documentation
  • Interactive PDFs
  • eLearning & instruction designing

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