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Chip designing and manufacturing is one of the robust growing industry, with a promising future for embedded and digitalization sectors. Companies into manufacturing of Analog & Digital Chips or ICs, will need to be in pace to meet the demand and requirements. As the advanced technologies are already connecting people, machines, and virtual clouds, while creating the need to increase the development of innovative devices. And, developing electronics is a complex and competitive process, involving advanced machineries, precise engineering and market knowledge on the Next generation systems, as it must cater to all the digitalized sectors, embedded systems, smart devices and many more. TAAL Tech, with its innovative approach has always been ready to partner with customers for their futuristic developments of semiconductor devices. Our Knowledge on various processes like VLSI, ASCI, FGPA, SOCs…, enable us to support the customers on their complex process and challenging designs. Our expertise on hardware and software design can be utilized in all phases of development in embedded systems, chip manufacturing, software, firmware, IOT and related fields. Our Services and Solutions include the following ‘suit of capabilities’ to support our customers in all phases of development.

Product Development

This futuristic era of electronic devices for people, vehicle, machineries and industries, require a complete product development solution, an end-to-end knowledge, and a well proven development process starting from Chip Manufacturing till outputting a device as technology. TAAL Tech is one of the leading product engineering services providers, and customer can rely for complete solution on their product development.

Our Services

  • Concept & ideation
  • Product & system architecture
  • System & board design
  • Software & application development
  • Hardware & firmware development
  • Product prototyping & testing
  • Product support
  • Product certification
  • After sales support

Embedded software

Software and applications are the bridge between the technology and consumers, so every chip manufactured should be programmed to serve its purpose. Today we are in era where almost every device, machineries and vehicles have embedded systems for the user to interact, operate, monitor, communicate and control. There is always a demand for advanced embedded software system, and its maintenance in the enterprise level. TAAL Tech can ruinously take part in the development of semiconductors technologies for the customers.

Our Services

  • Firmware development services
  • Device driver development services
  • Prototype & validation services
  • Testing & automation services

Hardware design

Providing hardware and board design services for semiconductor manufactures requires extensive knowledge on PCB engineering. With lot of functionality integrated into a chip, the board design has to be small, best fit to layout, lighter, best signal, thermal durable, power friendly. TAAL Tech provides certified professionals with experience in PCB Design, Quality Assurance, and support till the complete development of the board.

Our Services

  • Architecture design services
  • Circuit design services
  • Board layout design services
  • Material selection & BOM services
  • FGPA design services
  • Small factor design services
  • Design for EMI/EMC control
  • DFM & DFT services
  • Fabrication support
  • Signal & power integrity analysis services
  • Thermal & structural analysis services
  • Prototyping & design validation services

IOT, Big Data & Cloud

Data collation, migration, integration and management, and letting the data to communicate between devices wirelessly, is all part of artificial intelligence. The latest technologies have virtually connected people, machines, devices, and vehicles, making it possible to control and monitor from any geographic location. These technologies need continuous improvement and fine tuning for advanced digital future, TAAL Tech can take leap into these advancements for customers.

Our Services

  • Signal cloud computing & services
  • Industrial IoT services
  • Application development
  • Big data analytics
  • Mobility solutions & services

Cybersecurity / security

  • Cryptographic algorithms
  • Secure coding
  • Interfacing with hardware drivers
  • Secure bootloader
  • Microsoft security
  • Identity management center
  • Physical security convergence platform
  • Security assurance center
  • Data governance platform
  • Security intelligence as a service
  • Security management platform
  • Integrated threat management

Mechanical design

Developing enclosures for electronic products requires a thorough research on the materials to be used, as it should be durable enough to withstand the changes in environmental conditions, strong enough to secure the electronic components inside, and spacious enough to accommodate the components required. TAAL with decade of experience in mechanical design engineering, can be a perfect fit to customers in supporting their development of durable enclosures.

Our Services

  • Design plastic components
  • FEA analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • CAD services

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