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Rail Industry

The Rail industry is fast growing with tremendous opportunities for innovation and improvement. TAAL Tech is fortunate to have worked with a number of projects in this sector so as to have gained experience, and in turn the ability to contribute, across various domains in this space. We see digital technologies playing a key role in the evolution of the rail sector going forward; particularly in terms of the ability of these technologies to integrate the design, operation and maintenance phases. Benefits will accrue across the entire spectrum of rail services. Improved control systems coupled with better signalling will allow for denser and safer rail traffic movement, improved scheduling, and, in turn, better real time passenger information. Similarly, improved data acquisition and analysis will allow for better predictive maintenance which once again will translate into improved scheduling and passenger information.

Rolling Stock

For more than 10 years now TAAL Tech has been working with clients to design, improve, and maintain rolling stock be it for high speed trains, locomotives, freight wagons, LRV, EMU/DMU or monorail. We have subsystem level expertise covering the driver cabin, passenger interiors, gangways, bogies, seats, structures, braking systems, doors, electrical systems, HVAC and toilets. Our engineers have expertise in electronics, mechanical design, pneumatic and hydraulic design, aerodynamics, as well as vibration and acoustical analysis. Our focus is on enabling customers to cut down development time, better manage resources, and stay abreast of new innovations.

Our services:

  • Development of systems: ergonomics, architectural, structural
  • Defining technical requirements and technical specifications
  • Design and integration: 3D modeling and associated drawings
  • Integration of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic systems
  • Modeling: design, consultation and validation
  • Tests and validation: technical specification definition for sub-systems
  • Production follow up: first-fit follow up, modification management
  • Analysis for Stress, air flow, crash, noise, and vibration
  • Schematics and harness design
  • Computer based training aids for maintenance engineers and technicians
  • Embedded development for train controls
  • Value engineering
  • Technical documentation
  • Retrofit/upgrade projects


Railway signaling systems are the backbone of safe and efficient rail transport. Advanced signalling systems allow for faster, safer and denser rail traffic movement. TAAL Tech has a wide range of experience this space and is working with to create and install next generation digital systems to SIL-4 standards.

Our services:

  • Design of grounding for wayside assets
  • Design of SER equipment
  • Design of wiring interconnections for racks
  • Interface design
  • Data preparation and application data logic
  • Safety critical product development
  • Test platform development
  • Test automation


Like other domains the rail industry is saddled with legacy data which, when thoughtfully digitized, can yield significant rewards in terms of improved operations and maintenance. Our experts have the experience and the expertise to conceptualize and lead such a digitization effort making sure that relevant data is captured in the system and that the appropriate analytical as well as visualization tools are employed to use the data effectively.

    RAMS and System Engineering

    TAAL Tech is actively involved in Systems engineering and RAMS. We haven been working with clients to develop safety and RAM analysis for many years now. We have a skilled team with the expertise to focus and resolve key issues quickly. Working to EN50126, 50128, and 50129 CENELEC standards we help verify and validate CBTC systems, provide design assurance and safety demonstrations for signal plans depicting lines, points, signals level crossings, foot-over bridges etc.

    Our services:

    • RAM and safety demonstrations
    • Audit and assessment of RAMS activities
    • Implementation of findings and recommendations
    • System assurance plan including safety, RAM, and EMC

    Technical Publications

    Our engineers have hand-on experience in preparing technical publications including 2D/3D maintenance manuals, parts catalogues, training manuals etc., in multiple languages including Spanish, English, German, and French.

    Our services:

    • AR/VR based tools for training
    • Technical illustrations
    • Operator instructions manuals
    • 3D interactive maintenance procedure
    • Web based parts catalogue management
    • Component manuals
    • Inventory


    TAAL Tech has a dedicated multidisciplinary team that provides infrastructure related support to the rail industry right from site survey through to BIM model creation and plan development.

    Our services:

    Digital modeling:

    • 3D scanning
    • Scatter plot creation
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Space planning:

    • Site layout plans
    • Mobility assistance
    • Project management

    3D projection:

    • 3D image generation
    • 3D insertion into the site
    • Light rendering

    Service catalogue:

    • 2D or 3D site surveying
    • Concession plans
    • Structural calculation notes
    • Electrical balance


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