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Building Information Modeling (BIM) services have permeated various sectors, revolutionizing the way projects are designed, constructed, and managed. The adoption of BIM technology has led to enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness in diverse industries. TAAL Tech’s BIM services are tailored to meet the unique demands of several sectors, including industrial facilities, infrastructure, commercial buildings, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, hospitality, residential projects, recreational facilities, and data center facilities.



In the industrial sector, BIM services are indispensable for optimizing facility design and management. Manufacturers and industrial plants use BIM to plan and design layouts, streamline production processes, and ensure the efficient operation of machinery and equipment. BIM helps in visualizing equipment placement, conducting energy analysis, and evaluating maintenance needs. This results in cost savings and improved productivity.


Facility Layout and Optimization:

  • Optimizing floor plans and equipment placement for improved efficiency.
  • Support on equipment and workflow planning using BIM.

Clash Detection and resolution:

  • Identifying and resolving clashes to ensure smooth construction and operation.



As-Built Documentation:

  • Accurate as-built models for maintenance and renovation.





3D Modeling:

  • Reality capture and creating detailed 3D models of industrial
    structures, allowing stakeholders to visualize the entire facility.
  • Modeling of services based on P&ID data.
  • GIS integration.
  • Interoperability support. Creating design drawings, shop drawings, fabrication and spool drawings, Reports, schedules, and Bill of materials using BIM.

BIM migration support:

  • Conversion of existing documentation into BIM and support our customers in BIM execution and workflows in line with ISO19650.
  • BIM management
    and coordination support.
  • Documentation support- BIP, BEP, BIM standards etc.
  • Trainings.




3D Site Render

3D Site View

Design in Progress

Site Plan


D View


3D Section


For infrastructure projects, BIM services are vital for ensuring the durability and functionality of roads, bridges, and transportation systems. Civil engineers leverage BIM to create accurate 3D models of infrastructure projects, enabling better planning, coordination, and analysis. BIM’s clash detection capabilities are invaluable in identifying potential issues before construction begins, ensuring safe and efficient transportation systems.


Civil and Structural BIM:

  • Detailed Design, modeling and analysis for rail, roads, bridges, and
    other infrastructure projects.
  • GIS integration

Utility Management:

  • Accurate mapping, modeling, and management of underground utilities.



Asset Management:

  • Creating BIM models for long-term infrastructure maintenance and management.

Phasing and Simulation:

  • Visualizing the construction process and identifying potential issues.


Cross Section

Cross Section

Side Elevation


In the commercial building sector, BIM services are used to create efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing structures. Architects, engineers, and construction professionals collaborate within a single BIM model to optimize design, minimize clashes, and enhance energy efficiency. Commercial building owners benefit from BIM’s detailed facility management capabilities, allowing for easier maintenance, reduced energy consumption, and longer building lifespans.


Space Planning:

  • BIM model for ongoing facility maintenance.



Energy Analysis:

  • Evaluating energy efficiency and sustainability for green buildings.


Tenant Fit-Out:

  • Creating Lease outline drawings.
  • Updating tenants’ design and changes in the model.
  • Support for tenants in preparing design and drawings in all disciplines.

Space Planning:

  • BIM modeling for all services, coordination, construction documentation.
  • Generative design, Efficient space utilization, interior design, and layout optimization.


Exterior Facade

Exterior Facade


Educational facilities, such as schools and universities, use BIM services to design spaces that promote effective learning and research. BIM aids in space planning, ensuring that classrooms, laboratories, and libraries are optimized for functionality. Additionally, BIM helps in estimating costs, managing construction schedules, and supporting the long-term facility management needs of educational institutions.


Campus Master Planning:

  • BIM modeling, coordination, and construction documentation.
  • Support on comprehensive planning for educational campuses using BIM.

Classroom Design:

  • Creating effective learning spaces according to customer needs and standards.



Accessibility Compliance:

  • Ensuring ADA compliance for all facilities.

Facility Maintenance Planning:

  • Streamlining maintenance and renovations.


In the healthcare sector, BIM services contribute to the creation of safe, efficient, and patient-friendly medical facilities. Hospitals and healthcare providers use BIM to design layouts that facilitate patient flow, optimize HVAC systems, and ensure infection control. BIM also supports the integration of advanced medical equipment and ensures compliance with healthcare regulations.


Pharmacy and Laboratory Layout:

  • Ensuring efficient and safe workspace designs using BIM.

Life Safety Compliance:

  • Meeting stringent healthcare facility safety standards.

Medical Facilities Design:

  • Space optimization and workflow planning support using BIM.
  • Design of MEP&F, MGPS system, Pneumatic system, Nurses call system, Patient queue, AV
    systems etc.
  • Visualizations for specialist consultant’s review.
  • Precise modeling and
    placement and maintenance of medical equipment using BIM.

Infection Control Planning:

  • Designing facilities to minimize infection risk.
  • Design of Access control, ventilation control etc.
  • Clean room designing support.








Orthographic View

MEP Coordination

Electrical Shop Drawing

Electrical Shop Drawing


Hospitality industries employ BIM services to design and construct hotels, resorts, and restaurants that provide a high-quality guest experience. BIM models help in space planning for guest rooms and amenities, optimizing HVAC and plumbing systems for comfort and efficiency and ensuring that construction aligns with the desired aesthetic and functionality.


F&B Area Layout:

  • Designing and modeling, detailing of efficient kitchen and dining spaces.

Retail Area Design:

  • Design and model support as per the brand guidelines.
  • Coordination with all stakeholders.

Sustainability Assessment:

  • Promoting green practices for eco-friendly establishments.


Hotel Room Design:

  • Ensuring optimal room layouts and interior design based on operator’s standards and requirements.






Exterior and Landscape Design:

  • Creating appealing outdoor areas in BIM.
  • Incorporating Façade and Landscaping consultants
    design into BIM model.
  • Coordinating with other services such as MEP and structure.


Exterior Rendering

Exterior View

Isometric view

HAP Report

HAP Report

HAP Report

3D View- HVAC Ducting

3D View- HVAC Piping

Shop drawing- HVAC

Shop drawing- HVAC

3D View- MEP

3D View- MEP


In the residential sector, BIM services are employed to design homes and residential complexes that are tailored to the needs and preferences of homeowners. Architects and builders use BIM to create 3D models of residential properties, enabling homeowners to visualize the result and make design decisions. BIM’s ability to detect clashes in the design phase prevents costly modifications during


Interior Design:

  • Creating personalized living spaces.

Remodelling and Renovation Planning::

  • Enhancing existing residential properties.

Architectural Design:

  • BIM modeling, coordination, construction documentation for
    all services.
  • Crafting aesthetically pleasing and functional homes according to customer needs
  • Updating end user changes in the model.
  • Landscape modeling.

Structural Analysis:

  • Ensuring homes meet safety and durability standard.








Exterior View

Services Coordination

Exterior View

Services Coordination

Services Coordination


Recreational facilities, such as sports complexes and entertainment venues, use BIM services to create innovative and functional spaces. BIM aids in optimizing seating arrangements, ensuring acoustics are suitable for events, and managing the complex infrastructure required for entertainment venues.


Stadium and Arena Design:

  • Renovation support (Scan to BIM, CAD/PDF to BIM).
  • BIM modeling support.

Water Theme Park Design:

  • BIM modeling, coordination, and documentation support for water theme parks.

Landscaping and Park Design:

  • Designing appealing outdoor recreational areas.

Safety and Accessibility Compliance:

  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


Data center facilities rely on BIM services to design and construct secure, efficient, and resilient data storage and processing centers. BIM models help in planning layouts, optimizing cooling systems, and ensuring that power and network infrastructure meet the data center’s needs.


Datacenter Layout:

  • Optimal arrangement of servers and cooling systems.

HVAC and Electrical Planning:

  • Ensuring efficient temperature control and power supply.

Fire Suppression Systems:

  • Designing effective fire safety measures.

Facility Lifecycle Management:

  • Maintaining datacenter performance and reliability.


3D View – Electrical

Coordinated – 3D Model

Shop drawing- Electrical

Shop drawing- Electrical



Shop drawing- HVAC

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