Medical technology & healthcare

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Medical technology & healthcare

“A good health is a wealth” is been a mantra since the beginning of life, and to keep up with this, the medical and health industries are always thriving to innovate advanced medical equipment’s and develop healthy medicines. Today the technologies are so advanced, that there are equipment’s to monitor the health of a patient, needed it can book an emergency, to further enhance, they can even book medicines that could reach your door. Manufacturing medical equipment’s, and manufacturing drugs requires high precision engineering, as the stakeholder are patients, doctors, and not but the least the nature. With the enormous knowledge on most of the Engineering domains, TAAL Tech has also capitalized the Medical & Health industry, to support the customers with Engineering Services and Solutions in their product development cycle. Our engineering support is catered to all departments of Medical and Health care, starting from Diagnostics Devices, Medical Equipment’s, Health Monitoring Devices, Life supporting devices, Infrastructure and many more. Our Services and Solutions include the following ‘suit of capabilities’ to support our customers in all phases of development.

Product Development

Developing accurate and safest devices for medical and health industry requires a hive of product knowledge from concept to sales, as it is a very complex process. With lot of competitive technologies in the industry, the manufacturers must innovate and produce next generation devices that poses no risk to patients or consumers, and also pace with the demand and time. TAAL Tech focuses on providing end-to-end support to customers in producing the best medical devices for Imaging, Diagnostics, Laboratory, Health Monitoring, Life Support, and Durable Medical equipment’s.

Our Services

  • Concept & ideation
  • Design & development
  • Analysis & validation
  • Prototyping & localization
  • Software/application development
  • Testing & certification
  • After sales support

Connected healthcare

The introduction of IOT to medical and health industry is a breakthrough for the human race, it gives way of monitoring and predicting patient’s health that can prevent them from future risks, and this is all done by connected health. With addition of cloud Technologies, the IOT is more advanced and becomes a key player in the Medical and Health industry. Connecting smart medical devices, collecting data, visualizing and doing analytics has helped to develop solutions for good health. We TAAL Tech with enhanced knowledge in IOT and Embedded system, will suit the customer needs in their connected health solutions.

Our Services

  • Product development services
  • Software & embedded services
  • UI/UX & visualization services
  • Cloud services
  • IOT services & solutions

Infrastructure Support

Every Medical and Health Industry requires a well processed workflow, a hygiene place, a nice ambience, a good air and highly organized facilities for the patients to feel better and get risk-free treatments. And is only possible through a best practices on Quality, Safety and regulatory services, for the hospital to run per the compliances. Providing best landscape and buildings for the hospitals also plays a major role in building a good health care environment. We TAAL Tech with high caliber on Quality and Processes knowledge can play best role in supporting our customers in the hospital facility Management, Energy Management, tracking applications and many more.

Our Services

  • Patient flow & data services
  • Energy management
  • Facility management
  • Asset management services
  • Quality & safety services
  • Advisory & regulatory services
  • BIM services

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