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The term, Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment, spans a large cross-section of industry and a wide variety of machinery. From the perspective of Engineering Design, the common thread running across this sector is a fundamental understanding of mechanics, kinematics, electricals, power electronics, and instrumentation; also, enabling technologies such as IOT, Al, and Embedded systems.

At TAAL Tech, we have with us senior engineers with hands-on knowledge of specific industries (for e.g. pulp and paper, steel and cement plants, mining equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment) as well as engineers with generalised knowledge of systems and components that are common across industries. Our expertise comes through in being able to put together teams that understand client requirements, understand the engineering outsourcing processes, and being able to deliver tangible value in terms of cost, quality and timelines.

We have worked with a very wide variety of companies in this sector, supported a diverse range of requirements and taken on projects with varying levels of responsibility. Speak to us. We will tell you exactly what we can offer and how we can assist. 


Having worked with a number of leading companies in these sectors, TAAL Tech has a comprehensive understanding of the design drivers and expectations of these industries. Our engineering expertise spans the entire design lifecycle of these equipment covering a large range of equipment as well as associated subsystems. Moreover, we have knowledge of the latest technologies and trends that are driving change in these industries and we can help our clients with deployment of these technologies.

Range of services:
New product development, Should-cost analysis, Reverse engineering, Failure mode analysis, and Aftermarket support.

Range of competencies:
Precision Agriculture, Mechanical and Electrical Design, Embedded Systems and IOT, Telemetry, Data Analytics, Automated Fleet Management, Remote Irrigation Management & AR/VR.

Type of equipments:
Skidders, Seeding, Planting & Tillage machines, Forwarders, Loaders, Pivotal & lateral irrigation systems, Feller bunchers, Hay & Footage, Swing machines, Harvesters & Hose reel irrigation systems.

Type of subsystems:
Engines, Exhaust, Chassis, Body, Undercarriage, Powertrain & Transmission, Booms, Fenders & Outriggers, Drums, Buckets & Attachments, Hydraulics/ Pneumatics, Electrical controls & Communication systems.

Construction Equipment

Our design teams work with a wide variety of companies in this sector and with a broad range of equipment. We assist our clients in bringing cost effective, efficient and reliable equipment to market quickly. We have the ability to support you across the entire product development life-cycle of your equipment, right from conceptualization to after-market product support. Our teams are fully conversant with the design drivers, the design tools, the design methodologies, and technologies that support this industry. We have the ability to set up the design outsourcing processes and start working as an extension of your own design organisation at short notice.

Our services:
New Product Development, Design Validation, Reverse engineering, Value Analysis, Automated Fleet Management, Product Localization, AR/VR, Field support & Aftermarket support.

Dump trucks, Excavators, Loaders, Dozers, Compactors, Pavers, Concrete pumps, Mixers, Motor graders, Telehandler, Air compressors & Generators.

Engines & Exhausts, Chassis, Body, Undercarriage, Powertrain & Transmission, Booms, Fenders & Outriggers, Drums, Buckets, Forks, Attachments, Hydraulics/ Pneumatics, Electricals, Communication systems and Electronics & Control.

Material Handling

The material handling industry is undergoing rapid change particularly from the point of view of automation. At TAAL Tech we are working at the cutting edge of this transformation, assisting our clients in adopting the latest technologies to keep pace with the ever changing needs of this marketplace.

TAAL Tech has the ability to support customers across the entire product life-cycle, right from conceptualization to aftermarket support. Our design teams work seamlessly with your organization to cut costs, reduce time to market, and stay abreast of the latest technologies. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can make a difference.

Our services:
Automation and Digitalization, New Product Development, IOT, AR/VR, Product Localization, Aftermarket Support, Manufacturing Consulting, Manufacturing Engineering, Analytics, Reverse Engineering, IOT & Value Analysis.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV), Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS & AR), Cranes (mobile, port, crawler, all-terrain, tower), Racks, Stacking Frames & mezzanines, Trucks (hand, pallet & platform), Order pickers, Sideloaders, Scissor Lifts, Aerial Work Platforms, Elevators, Hoppers & Silos, Conveyors, Stackers & Reclaimers.

Mining Equipment

Having worked with the Mining Equipment Industry for more than a decade we are well acquainted with the market demands and technologies that are at the forefront of change in this industry. Apart from engaging with clients to make products that are safer, more reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly, we are also working with them to induct new technologies such as Al and IOT in the product lines. Please get in touch with us to find out how we can help you cut costs, shrink product development timelines and induct the latest technologies.

Our services:
New Product Design, Analysis and Optimization, Application engineering, Product Localization, Analytics, IOT, Manufacturing engineering, Aftermarket support & AR/ VR development.

Hydraulics/Pneumatics, Tooling, Jigs & Fixtures, Engines & Exhaust, Chassis, Body, Undercarriage, Drives, Structures & Belts, Powertrain & Transmission, Booms, Fenders & Outriggers, Drums, Buckets & Attachments, Controls & Communication systems and Telematics.

Dozers, Crushers, Conveyor Systems, Roof bolters, Shovels, Loaders, Mining Trucks, Long Wall Systems (shearers, Roof Supports, Armoured Face Conveyors), Continuous Miners, Haulage Equipment, Entry Development Equipment & Drill rigs.


At TAAL Tech we have hands-on experience of working with a very wide range of companies manufacturing capital equipment and machines. We have an excellent understanding of the core mechanical, electrical, and electronic systems that lie at the heart of these equipment. Having worked with industry leaders we also have an excellent appreciation of customer expectations, particularly as they relate to Industry 4.0, and Automation.

We have direct experience with industries such as Paper and Pulp, Machine Tools, Steel, Cement, Food Processing, Auto Ancillaries, Packaging and Labeling, Pharmaceuticals, Tyre manufacture, etc. Speak to us and we can tell you more about our specific capabilities and what we can do for you.

Some of our Services:
Plant Layout Optimization, Mechanical Concept Design, Detail Design, Conveyor System Design, Drive System Design, Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Design, Electronics & Controls, Jigs & Fixture Design, Lubrication & Cooling System Design, Enclosures & Cabinets Design, DFMEA, Should Costing, BIW Fixture Design & Simulation.


With rapid advancements in robotics and related technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, industry is gravitating towards fully autonomous manufacturing and material handling solutions. At TAAL Tech we have the knowledge and expertise of a wide variety of enabling technologies to be able to offer fully integrated Automation solutions.

Our experts can consult with to find customized solutions that best fit your requirements. Call us and we can tell you how our expertise can help you optimize your operations.

Plant Layout Design and Optimization, Process & Product optimization, Value Stream Mapping, Capacity Planning, Virtual Construction, Production Scheduling & Robotics (simulation, calibration & programming).

Digital Manufacturing and Material Handling:
Operations Development & Consultancy, Production Planning & Simulation, Manufacturing Process Planning & Simulation, Virtual Assembly & Ergonomics Simulation, Robotics & Off-line Programming, Training & Customer Adaption Services.

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