Aux Galley Structural Substantiation

About our Client:

The client is one of the top Business Jet OEMs in North America who designs, develops, manufactures, markets, services and supports the world’s most technologically-advanced business jet.

Scope / Challenge:

The scope of the project involved static stress analysis of an Aux Galley based on the CAD files, Loading condition apart from emergency landing and Fastener & Material allowables. The formulation of element idealization and achieving quick turnaround time was a challenge in this project.


The TAAL Tech team started the project with a thorough input study and analysis of customer requirements. This was followed by creation of a detailed FE model of the Aux Galley along with its attachments. Linear static analysis was carried out for emergency landing and gust loading together with stress assessment of components of the Aux Galley and it’s attachments viz. Inserts, Panel Pins, M&T etc. The static stress report for certification was the final output for the client. All deliverables were subjected to self, peer and the final technical review was carried out by the TAAL Tech Chief Engineer.


The TAAL Tech team was able to quickly turn around the complete project due to prolific experience in carrying out stress analysis on similar cabinet for a range of aero customers. The FAA experience possessed by the team ensured design met the certification requirements thereby reducing approval time.

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