Our Associaiton with a global customer

About this case study:

This case study is on our association with an industry leading building engineering and design consultant in the US.


Scope / Challenge:

  • Winning projects in a highly competitive and aggressive market.
  • High volume of output and short turn around time.
  • Risk of ramping up and down according to project requirements.
  • Expansion of facilities and domain of service (Structural design, Energy analysis, CFD etc.)
  • Venturing into global markets.
  • Value addition to stand out from others.
  • The shortage of right resources in the market.
  • Adapting new technologies and R&D
  • Revenue and profitability.
  • Keeping the confidentiality of their business, IP and data.

Their only options are;

Ramping up the internal team:

  • Resource availability
  • Risk of visibility
  • Capital and Infrastructure requirements

Local outsourcing:

  • Higher cost
  • Risk of conflict of interest
  • Confidentiality

Outsourcing to any other offshore company:

  • IP protection & Data security and confidentiality issues/breaches
  • Competency issues with resources
  • Capacity issues
  • Lack of transparency

Don’t plan for growth:

  • Risk of Attrition
  • Risk in Market competition
  • Risk in Market position


The solution was our unique USP.


The client is working with some of the highly confidential and strategic projects in US. One of the requirement was all their data should be hosted or kept in their own servers only. Hence, they don’t even use BIM 360 or any other 3rd party CDE to work in collaboration external partners. Confidentiality and data security are the prime concerns for them. In order to comply with the stringent confidentiality requirements an ideal partner must have knowledge and processes in place and certifications as backing.


  • To get the right type of resources (BIM engineers, designers, project coordinators etc…).
  • Resources with Specific tool knowledge and skill sets.
  • Design knowledge with exposure to US standards and practices.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good social skills.


Cost is always a factor when it comes to outsourcing. Organizations use that extra savings to leverage in the market competition and win more projects  and expand.


  • Easy Ramp up and ramp down of resources (dedicated and flexi mode).
  • Finding new resources based on specific requirements.
  • Capability to send engineers at onsite for short or long term.
  • Capability of having an office in US.


Customer has saved a minimum of US$ 16 million working with us. Benefits gained, which ar emuch more valuable than commercial side are business growth, dedicated team, project risk mittigation and successful business.

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