Mechanical Services for University Buildings

About our Client:

The customer is a North American P2S is a consulting engineering and commissioning firm leading the industry with next-generation mechanical, electrical, plumbing & technology engineering practices for new and retrofit construction projects.

Scope / Challenge:

The scope of the project involved Design of Plumbing System (Drainage& Water Supply) Routing, Pipe Sizing as per the Required Standards, Modelling of Plumbing Systems, Creating of DD set drawings, coordinating with other MEP services, Creating of CD set drawings for university admin building and natatorium all using Autodesk Revit.


The TAAL Tech team studied the architecture and structural drawings and based on those drawings prepared the design drawings for the DD set approvals in Revit. Upon receipt of the approvals, the team started with modeling and coordination with all other services. The finalized models were shared with customers and upon receipt of the approval, the team produced the shop drawings with all the construction details so that the same could be used for installation purpose.


The customer was able to expedite his construction activities due to quick ramp-up and support from the TAAL Tech team. The quality of the output generated by TAAL Tech was such that there was no need for any additional modifications during the installation stage.

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