Exhaust System Design for Passenger Cars

About our Client:

The client is based out of Europe and a market leader in the development and supply of emission control systems for passenger cars including fabricated insulated manifolds and catalytic converters. The client employs more than 6500 employees in more than 30 manufacturing companies and 16 Distribution centers across the globe supporting all major car manufacturers worldwide.

Scope / Challenge:

The scope of the project involve d design & develop ment of new exhaust system for the Volkswagen Group’s MQB modular car platform. The main challenge was to uniformly position the exhaust systems for different cars to cut down on engineering costs, weight and complexity when porting the car over to other models. The project also involved creating a standardised, interchangeable set of parts which can be used to build a range of cars thereby cutting down the time taken to build a car by 30% along with design of a modular welding fixture for the exhaust system.


TAAL Tech Onsite & Offsite engineers in collaboration with the client started off with the project with design, materials science, acoustics, process technology, analysis & simulation. The engineering team was completely involved in prototype design, stress analysis using FE methodology with substantive use of hand calculations and report generation which achieved the acoustic & emission requirements. The proto types designed were tested for thermal & fatigue analysis, road impact durability, weight spreading & static deflection, modal analysis of hangers and hanger durability which was validated by the client’s design and manufacturing team. The team then proceeded for forward integration activities like design of inspection fixtures, testing fixtures tools & SPM design activities and design of KBE (Knowledge Based Engineering) tool for muffler acoustic samples.


  • Weight reduction and alternative materials usage.
  • Modular concept design of exhaust related parts & communization across VW car plat forms resulted in overall manufacturing cost effectiveness of the exhaust system.
  • Modular design of the welding fixture reduced overall changeover time by 40% for welding two different modular exhaust systems.
  • Mathematical validation of Exhaust system aided in passing the prototype evaluation for acoustics test & back pressure test.

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